Our concept uses many companies that don’t have real kitchens.
Over a hundred customers around Finland such as cafés, pubs, gas stations, seasonal places, and bowling alleys.

Our concept is offered to own or rent. Ask for a suitable option.

We come to look at your place and offer a suitable concept and oven for your place. We offer different kinds of concepts such as burgers, basket food, soup, and much more…

On-site, we will look at the marketing materials that suit you according to your looks and product names. At the same time, we specify the training date of the concept, which includes all your staff.

We bring the agreed-upon oven, food products, and advertising materials to your premises. We train you to use the concept and show your staff how to easily prepare food by pressing a button according to the oven’s instructions. The oven can prepare up to 5 portions at once, and in volume places, we will see how you can prepare different portions at the same time.

We look at products that are suitable for you, with a margin of about 50 to 80 percent. You can easily order food products from R-Menu’s online store, and our partner Valio will deliver them to you free of charge when the minimum order quantity is met.

Our customer manager visits you at certain intervals to taste our innovations in food products and, if necessary, plan a better selection. In addition, we update the food products in the oven easily over the network.