Anyone can be a top chef

With our R-Cooker oven, you can prepare a selection of over 70 products in less than 3 minutes.

Anyone can be a top chef with R-Menu

R-Menu offers a full range of food products. What is more, we have an extensive range of high-quality food preparation equipment.

R-Menu’s innovative concept is suitable for companies of many types and sizes: hotels, sports centres, cafés, fuel stations, ski resorts and pubs, for example.

Extra income from food sales?

The sales from four meals daily are enough to cover the costs of the R-Menu concept and turn your investment into profit.


Our product family

Our continuous product development and testing guarantee a broad range of products and appropriate product turnover. Development and testing also ensure our products are flavourful and follow the latest trends.


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Plate dishes

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Soups and pastas

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Our customers

We have hundreds of satisfied customers, from pubs to hotels, all over Finland.

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