Additional income with R-Menu’s food concept

Entrepreneur: Would you like to sell food – quality food without a chef or kitchen?

Pub, café, or fuel station

An easy way to include food products in your selection. You don’t need a range hood, grease chimney or separate air conditioning. No need for kitchen facilities, either.

We deliver the oven and ready-made meals to you, meaning you only need 1–3 minutes and you will have a meal ready to serve to your customers.

Food selection

Our product range includes hamburgers, basket products, soups, pastas, home-made dishes, and pastries.

We create for you a suitable meal selection, as well as the advertisements to promote sales.

Purchasing the oven

We have three different types of ovens in our selection, and we provide the food products and oven to suit your needs.

We will visit you on site to map out the most suitable solution for you.
Make an appointment for a demonstration.


We manufacture high-quality meals at our Kangasala food plant in Finland. The meals are transported directly to you by a food wholesale company. To prepare the food, all you need to do is press a button, and the meal is ready in 1-4 minutes – no chef, no kitchen.


The R-Menu concept offers a wide range of high-quality meals with free direct deliveries, easily purchased at the R-Menu online shop or by calling.


R-Menu meals can be prepared by anyone, quickly and easily. You do not need additional staff, because you can prepare the meals while selling beverages.


If you wish, we can help you with everything: planning your meal selection, pricing, and marketing. We make regular visits to see how your sales are doing and to introduce new products.


We can have the service up and running for you in just two days.
Start earning extra income next week!