Prepare with a Finnish R-Cooker deep fryer oven over 70 products selection in 1 – 3 minutes without food waste. 
Also, you don’t need separate kitchen facilities.


R-Menu is a Finnish family company that has own oven and food factory in Kangasala.


R-Menu delivers oven and proper food selection to customer. Freight free deliveries weekly.


By choosing R-Cooker 330 oven, you will save energy, staff costs and also food waste.

Our continuous product development and testing guarantees the breadth of the selection, appropriate turnover, up-to-datedness, and taste.

In the selection you will find delicious and juicy hamburgers with domestic meat to serve. You can serve the burgers with crispy French fries. Or even just.

Pizzas are a long-term favorite of Finns. R-Menu’s crispy pizzas will feed even the hungriest foodies, because they have taste and size.

What is the gourmet’s basket filled with? With meatballs, chickens, sausages or something else?

A little bite to go with the beer? Or as an appetizer?

No one will be hungry after these meals!

How about a few relaxing moments with a bowl of hot soup or a journey into the flavours of Italy with a nice pasta dish?

With R-Menu’s unique food concept, you can set up a kitchen almost anywhere without the necessary kitchen space. R-Menu’s concept includes ready-made food portions, a special oven for preparing portions, and advertising material for selling portions to your customers.

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