Our company

R-Menu is based in the Pirkanmaa area of Finland but operates nationwide. R-Menu’s way of cooking is completely new. Our concept is based on efficiency, ease, flavour and minimizing loss. Anyone can cook… and cost-effectively.

Our operations gained momentum in 2009. Before that, we refined the concept and products for efficiency through several years of development work. Today, we provide our customers with quality raw materials for meals and kitchen equipment as needed.

Pubs were our first customers. The primary idea behind our concept was to develop a meals service that would be as reliable, efficient, and fast as drawing a first-class, tasty pint from the tap.

Our customer base soon expanded to include hotels, fuel stations and cafés. R-Menu is a customer-oriented, high-quality, and long-term partner. When you learn about our concept, you will easily understand our popularity.

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R-Menu Ltd


Lentolantie 32, 36220 Kangasala, FINLAND


+358 10 470 1333